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Precautions for using silver contacts

Precautions for using silver contacts

What should I pay attention to when using silver contacts? Silver contacts usually refer to the intersection of electrical and electronic components when they are opened and closed, while the intersection of metal conductor terminals is prone to instantaneous heat and sparks when contacted, thus promoting the multi-frequency process of electronic contacts. During the oxidation process, the contact points are prone to electrolysis, so the contact points increase and thicken, it is made of polymer metal (more copper and silver). Contacts made of polymer metal or thickened with the same kind of data are called silver contacts. Recommendations for using silver contacts are as follows:


The silver contact riveting workshop should maintain a dust-free environment to prevent foreign matter such as dust from adhering to the contact surface of the product during processing. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the environment at the processing site, and separate organic plastics from contact elements to prevent Organics adhere to contact surfaces and create touch barriers. The construction personnel should wear gloves during the operation, and try not to touch the outer surface of the silver contact layer to prevent the product from oxidizing and turning black. The environment suitable for silver contact processing workshop is: the ambient temperature is 22~24°C, and the relative humidity is 40~55%RH. To prevent sulfidation and yellowing of silver contacts, open and sealed silver contacts will be used within 12 hours. If not used up, reseal the remaining contacts, preferably vacuum-packed. During application, the contacts may spark. The touch surface becomes uneven and the contact with the touch surface becomes smaller, resulting in increased resistance to temperature increases.

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