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R & D Center

R & D Center

Our company introduced special powder metallurgy technology and set up R & D center from abroad in 2011. We successfully developed silver tin oxide electric contact material w which has good resistance to burning and welding. By adding some additives and adopting Advanced foreign powder metallurgy technology (vacuum sintering and extrusion) to make AgSn02 material, so that the contact resistance and temperature stability. AgSnOJ4 head material is environment-friendly and non-toxic, with excellent anti-welding and arc erosion resistance AgSnO: better arc erosion resistance than AgCdO at high current; Under load, AgSnO AgCdO and AgNi show stronger resistance against current shock. In AC resistive load, AgSn02KAgCd0 has a slightly higher contact resistance but shows a low and stable contact resistance under DC lamp or motor load : In DC conditions, compared with AgCdO, AgSn〇d4 transfer performance is better 9O02 contact materials are widely used in the capacitor contactors, power relays, small and medium-capacity "low-voltage circuit breakers and automotive electrical companies currently producing AgSn02 touch The main materials include SnO2 (ASE), mixed powder isostatic pressing (MSE), internal oxidation (IOE) and co-deposition sintering extrusion (CSE) , The main form of supply of wire, sheet, rivets and welding components • Applications Widely used in high-power relays, contactors, circuit breakers and switches, and is particularly suitable for T90. Relays, automotive relays